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Torque Converter

We offer professional repair and general overhaul of torque converters of automatic transmissions for the following makes and models: MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI, VW et al.

Softelectronic provides modern equipment, skilled employees and years of experience in torque converter rebuilding and repair.

At Softelectronic we have invested in an advanced torque converter rebuilding system, allowing us to rebuild torque converters very efficiently. This involves cutting open the housing, stripping it down and cleaning each component individually. For repair and reconditioning, old or damaged parts are replaced with new original ones. We then re-assemble the torque converter. All converters are reassembled on state of the art automated welding machines to ensure optimum concentricity. Each converter is dynamically balanced and pressure checked to guarantee superior service and reliability.

The warranty, which we issue for repairs and reconditioning amounts to 6 months.