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Coding for Mercedes

Remote vehicle diаgnostics

Softelectronic offers a unique diagnostic tool for remote coding and programming (for Mercedes Benz)

What is (Mercedes Benz) coding?

Software Calibration Number coding, short for coding is intrudes by Mercedes Benz around 2005. It replaced the previous coding technique with a centralized and almost automated technique to prevent incorrect coding being selected when replacing a module.

But unless you go to a authorized service shop or buy a scanner from an official Mercedes-Benz source, you will not be able to perform coding of control units, which is very expensive and time consuming.

When do you need to do coding?

  • If you have a damaged TCM (Transmission Control Modulе) and want to place a new TCM to a Mercedes vehicle gearbox.

  • After installing a TCM in your vehicle that you bought from us.

Problems indicating a damaged TCM:

  • Check engine light on

  • Transmission gets stuck in first gear. If you are having trouble with the transmission, there is a good chance that the problem is with your ME control unit and that coding is needed to resolve the issue.

Why using our diagnostic tool?

By using our unique diagnostic tool, we will be able to remotely do coding and programming for your vehicle, no matter where you are. You do not need to go to an expansive authorized service shop. We will solve your problem efficiently and will save you time and money.


You can find more information about our new product here: Coding and diagnosis device

Capabilities of Softelectronic diagnostic tool:

1. ISM : software change

2. 7G Tronic 722.9 TCM: software change

3. 7G Tronic 722.9 TCM: coding

4. 7G Tronic 722.9 TCM: reset ( make it blank )

*some of the TCMs VGS 3 are locked and the remote reset is not possible, thus they must be sent to our repair shop to complete the reset

5. 7G Tronic 722.9 TCM: transfer of solenoid values from the original TCM to the new TCM ( helps for smooth gear shifting) naturally if there is a mechanical problem, this will not help with the gear shifting: the gear change will remain rough

6. A/B-class CVT TCM 722.8 : software change

7. A/B-class CVT TCM 722.8 : coding

How does it work?

1.After you order our Diagnostic Tool, we will ship it directly to you.

2. You need an internet connection (cable) in order to make it work. If you use Wifi, you need to call us in advance.

3. Connect the Diagnostic tool to the diagnostic receptacle of your vehicle

4. Call us and we are ready to go.

Conditions for Online Coding:

  • To guarantee that the coding will be successful, the 722.9 / 722.8 transmission control module (TCM) should be bought from us only. In this way we can be sure for the origin and quality of the TCM unit.

  • The automobile on which we will perform the coding should be absolutely LEGITIMATE, otherwise we are obliged to inform the relevant security authorities.

  • MB STAR Diagnosys Multiplexer C3/C4

  • Internet Connection via CABLE ( RJ45 )

  • Should have our Coding and diagnostic tool