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Repair of automotive electronics

The replacement of electrical units and components of a vehicle can be very expensive. We at Softelectronic show you, that such parts can be repaired or recycled at a favorable price. A professionally recycled part is virtually indistinguishable from a new one. Often, defective units, such as control units are replaced by new and expensive ones.

In many of these cases, after a thorough check, it is shown that the error is not in the module or unit itself, but somewhere else or that the unit can actually be repaired.

You save time and money, if you send us your device for diagnosis. In most cases, a repair is cheaper, than a new device.

Specialized in the repair of automotive electronics, we are able to repair your device or unit in 2-3 working days, upon receipt. The repairs are done in our specialized diagnostics laboratory, equipped with all necessary spare parts and components. This guarantees a fast and qualitative service.

First, all units and components are checked in the diagnostics laboratory, to determine a possible damage or defect and whether a repair is necessary at all.


Our services:

  • Repair and programming of automotive electronics for cars and trucks, agricultural technology and industrial machinery

  • Repair of units for automatic transmissions

  • Remote programming and coding of control units for automatic transmissions, as well as sale of equipment for remote coding and programming

  • Repair and complete overhaul of valve bodies

  • Repair and complete overhaul of torque converters for automatic transmissions

  • Repair, complete overhaul of turbochargers and sale of new turbochargers

  • Location systems for fleet management (GPS tracker)

  • Spare parts for automatic transmissions

  • Car servcie and garage equipment



  • Unique solutions for the repair of critical cases

  • Reasonable prices for repairs

  • Competent technical consultaion and service

  • Fast execution: 1-3 working days (without delivery)

  • Fast delivery

  • Warranty on repairs (Terms&Conditions)

  • Online Services



  • Fast and qualitative repair

  • Modern equipped service workshop and high-tech diagnostic laboratory

  • Highly qualified and experienced employees

  • We work with spare parts from established and world-renowned manufacturers

  • Simple order request by online contact form


Sending of the defective unit and repair process and service:

  • Contact us by e-mail (support@softelectronic.com), online contact form or by telephone (Tel:  +359 52 460 545 ; GSM:+359 894 949 878)

  • Send us the unit, that needs to be repaired (Please read here for how to send us correctly your defective unit!

  • Upon receipt of the defective unit or part, we will repair it professionally, fast and at a reasonable price

  • After the repair is completed, we will send you the repaired unit by DHL delivery service

Or just simply watch our movie clip about the repair and delivery process!