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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I apply for a repair?

·  Contact Form

For our clients situated in the U.S. - please contact directly this email : info@softelectronic.us / call us: 770 866 78 67


What are the repair costs?

·  Repair Costs

Repair costs will be calculated after we know where and what the problem is. In most common cases the repair cost will be calculated the moment we receive history of the problem and diagnostic error codes/scanned copy of diagnostic report.


How long is a faulty unit repaired?

· Repair Time

Usually we repair the faulty unit the same business day. There are some specific and hard to solve cases where we need more time for the repair.


Are there any special requirements for packing and sending a faulty unit for repair?

· How to Pack and Send an Item for Repair

Before sending anything for repair please get in contact with us -> info@softelectronic.us  / call us: 770 866 78 67 !!! You will receive specific packing and shipping instructions regarding your case and country of origin. We will provide you with our DHL Express account where we use special discount.


How do I pay?

Payment is after repair before shipping back to you.

·  Payment Options

- Cash on Delivery – for some specific countries Only

- Bank Transfer

- PayPal and all credit and debit cards through it

- Payment by approval


How am I insured against faulty units after repair?

· Warranty

We issue a written signed and stamped warranty for every single repair we have done! Warranty period is different for the different repairs we offer. Warranty is valid under specific conditions. Warranty covers shipping costs!


What is the delivery time and shipping costs?

· Delivery Time and Shipping Costs

For U.S. customers, please get in touch with us at  info@softelectronic.us / call us: 770 866 78 67


Could I get the abbreviation for my unit?

· Legend of Most Common Abbreviations

ECU - Engine Control Unit

ECU - Electronic Control Unit

ECM - Electronic Control Module

ECM - Engine Control Module

EEC - Electronic Engine Control

PLD - Engine Control Unit (in Trucks)

PMS - Ignition Control Unit

MSG - Motor Steuergerät /Zündsteuergerät = PMS

EI - Electronic Ignition (includes Distributorless Ignition System, formerly DIS)

EHCU -Electronic Hydraulic Control Unit

ACM - Airbag Control Module

ACM - Audio Control Module

ME - Fuel Control Unit

BCM - Body Control Module

TCM - Transmission Control Module

TCU - Transmission Control Unit

EBCM - Electronic Brake Control Module

AECM - Airbag Electronic Control Module


ESP - Electronic Stability Program

ABS - Antilock Brake System

EBS - Electronic Brake System

EBC - Electronic Brake Control

EBM - Electronic Brake Module

ASD - Automatisches Sperr Differential/ Automatic Locking Differential


ABC - Active Body Control

A/C - Air Conditioning

ACC- Automatic Climate Control

ECC - Electronic Climate Control

ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADC - Automatic Distance Control

ADL - Automatic Door Lock

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EHB - Electro-Hydraulic Brake

ASR - Acceleration Slip Regulation

DPF - Diesel Particle Filter

FWD - Front Wheel Drive

RWD - Rear Wheel Drive

4WD - Four Wheel Drive

AWD - All Wheel Drive


ICC - Intelligent Cruise Control

ASTC - Automatic Stability and Traction Control

LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas

MAF - Mass Air Flow

TPS - Throttle Position Sensor

AMM - Air Mass Meter

MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure

MSRP - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

P/N - Part Number

RPM - Revolutions per Minute

GPS - Global Positioning System


IC - Integrated Circuit

RAM - Random Access Memory

ROM - Read Only Memory

EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

PCI - Programmable Communications Interface

PCI - Programmable Controller Interface

OBD - On Board Diagnostics

OBD II - On Board Diagnostics, Generation 2

SMD - Surface Mount Device

SMT - Surface Mount Technology

LED - Light Emitting Diode


ETC - Electronic Transmission Controller

EPS - Electronic Power Shift (in Trucks)

A/T - Automatic Transmission

CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission

DSG - Direct Shift Gearbox

BMW - Bayerische Motoren Werke

DTC - Diagnostic Trouble/Error Code